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FreeLotto® built a strong reputation for its no-spam email policy by adhering to email best practices as set by industry standards. FreeLotto® considers these efforts a top priority which is the reason we only send emails to recipients who have explicitly agreed to receive our messages.

FreeLotto® is "whitelisted" by all major Internet Service Providers (ISP's) such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN Hotmail and is a member in good standing of the Return Path's Send Score reputation program. Additionally, we participate in feedback loop programs with all major Internet Service Providers (ISP's) to make sure we remove the burden of complaints from the Email Service Providers (ESP's). We understand that spam is an ever evolving issue and does require cooperation by both senders of emails and recipients as well as ESP’s.

As standard practice, we include the following header in all emails that we send to ensure the recipients understand who we are and why we are emailing them :

Dear [FIRSTNAME], You registered to FreeLotto's Sweepstakes on {Reg Date} .  If you no longer wish to receive our FreeLotto emails or Play and Win with our games, click here to be permanently removed from our list.

All emails we send contain an easy unsubscribe mechanism in the header. With one click, the member is removed from our mailing list and will never receive another email from us.

Confirmed FreeLotto Winners

  • Vincent Julian, Jr.

    Nazareth, PA

    WON: $1 Million on 6/17/02
    Numbers Played:
    16 28 21 27 17 53

  • Alejandro Llano

    Mexico City, Mexico

    WON: $1 Million on 3/9/08
    Numbers Played:
    11 21 8 19 2 23

  • Michael Char

    Piermont, NY

    WON: $1 Million on 1/11/01
    Numbers Played:
    2 5 11 20 25 28

  • M. K. Basha

    Delhi, India

    WON: $10 Million on 9/28/00
    Numbers Played:
    5 15 21 29 37 45 48

  • Radifa Ivanenko

    Chicago, IL

    WON: $2 Million on 8/19/11
    Numbers Played:
    15 19 22 29 40 42 

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